About Us

"We are the No.1 mattress manufacturing & Assembling factory in UAE using the air-technology of Box Mistral, Italy"

With the experience of making high-quality mattresses for decades, we stand out to be the most preferred manufacturers and supplier of mattresses for Hotels, Resorts and Private Residences. With Italian sophisticate stile, and high technology the experience of using the mattresses comes unique for our clients.

The mattresses of Mistral are developed after years of studies on materials, assembly methods, and obtaining the most advanced certifications on quality. The entire product range manufactured by our company offers stiffest resistance to wear and mechanical stress tests and enables us to offer extensive guarantees on the quality and reliability.

The Mistral, a fundamental component, hence the name of the Box, forms a cushion of air, placed inside upholstery and mattresses, creates a breathable system that can dry and remove moisture that the human body produces during rest or that in the room.

The elasticity of the Mistral速 allows an elastic recovery after deformation, of 100% of the initial thickness in time of 2 seconds. The breathability is ensured by a mesh structure and vertical orientation of the wires in the main structure of the mattress.

Made of three-dimensional fabric of various thicknesses and densities which creates a layer composed of thousands of threads per square meter, with a capacity to decompose the weight force in a timely manner by distributing the body weight in an excellent manner.

The product is made with a set of hundreds of wires per square centimeter, positioned vertically and enclosed, above and below, between two textile surfaces of "open mesh." The amount of vertical wires of the central body gives the thickness, the bearing capacity and elasticity to the mattress.

Our Speciality

Customer Centric

We are a customer centric company and our entire operation processes reflects this policy


We always come out with products that are exclusive in terms of quality and comfort

Less Maintenance

Our products are made with ergnomic design and with materials that requires less maitenance

Production facility

We have the most sophiscated and technology advanced equipments in our production factory

Standard Methods

We follow strict quality standards and methods which demonstrates our commitment to quality

Shopping Options

We have a wide distribution arrangements which makes our products more available

Mission - Vision - Values

To provide our clients with the premium bedding products and offer the best in class support to make them feel delighted.

To be innovative and constantly grow and expand to more regions in the world by offering unique range of bedding solutions.

We offer the customer care and support that is always premium and that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

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