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We are the No.1 mattress manufacturing & Assembling factory based in UAE using the air-technology of Box Mistral, Italy. With the experience of making high-quality mattresses for decades, we stand out to be the most preferred manufacturers and supplier of mattresses for Hotels, Resorts and Private Residences. With Italian sophisticate stile, and high technology the experience of using the mattresses comes unique for our clients.


Mattresses are in a special reticular structure and are made of latex or polyurethane foams which avoids proliferation of allergic agents, such as mites or harmful bacteria.


The 3 dimensional materials of mattresses create a transpiration system able to expel moisture that the human body produces during rest, thus creating a healthy environment to rest.


The special elastic fabric structure, which contains within it thousands of micro springs, massages the body gently while resting promoting blood circulation and regulates body heat.

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The elasticity of the MistralĀ® allows an elastic recovery after deformation, of 100% of the initial thickness in time of 2 seconds. The breathability is ensured by a mesh structure and vertical orientation of the wires in the main building. Watch the videos which give you an insight of the technology and the product range of mattresses we manufacture.

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